Sunday, February 10, 2013

Harlem Shake Funny Dance Trend

I am sure all of you have watched a video of this funny dance now, its like a trend on the internet these days and everyone's doing it. I wish i could do a Harlem Shake Steyny Style but none of my team members are under the same roof since we work online and my girlfriends aren't very keen on being videotaped (WHAT??!!) yeah thats my reaction too. So we will have to be content with others doing it and i have taken the liberty to choose some of the best harlem shakes on the internet.

If you have no freakin idea what i am talking about, take a look at this picture

Funny Harlem Shake

Yeah a bunch of people in masks and unmasked act keep acting crazy the whole length of the song and somehow it is pretty normal. Blame baauer the singer of the song whose song popularized this.

Here is my list of some of the best harlem shakes i found on the internet.

I WARN YOU THOUGH: Its fucking addicting and you might find yourself acting like a maniac for hours hehee

Harlem Shake Funny Dance

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  1. where have you disappeared, dude :o

    --Robinson Crusoe ;)


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