Thursday, October 21, 2010

Welcome to my CAVE

Hi there, welcome to my cave. Don't worry, my cave is all lighted and warm, unlike the ones you see in movies. Let me start off by introducing myself and my little katie

I am Steyn with a capital S and friends call me Steyny. I am a student of Nerds(computers) Sciences and my passion in computers is to program a virtual girl that would cook and do laundry for me without asking anything in return. Hehe not really, Fun stuff about me
  • I absolutely love photography and taking pictures of interesting things, making videos. 
  • I am very artsy and can draw a stick figure of anybody in less than 5 mins. 
  • I love being social and spending most of my time outdoors, i would proudly say i am attention-whore cause i just love being centre of attention and i always get the attention i want. 
  • My female friend once called me a player but i disagree, i just love girls with makeup!. Which is why i run away the next morning when it wears off hahaa.

I refuse to take shit from anyone and got the muscles to back it up, im very athletic and love sleeping in Gym. I love to travel and speak 4 languages, 5 if cats talk is considered a language. Oh did i introduce Katie, i have a cute little cat which loves to Meow and jump. She loves girls just like me and i think she's a lesbian.

Ok, enough about me. What you can expect from this blog is generally fun and interesting stuff and sometimes just bullshit, i want to share my adventures in dating life and things i find fun in life, music, movies, nerd science and lots of other stuff.

So sit tight in my cave, have a cup of coffee or beer or alcohol if you like and let me turn on the TV to see my life there.

Steyny out.

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