Sunday, October 31, 2010

Me, A Jerk and Two Damsel in Distress

This actually happened quite long ago, at least 2 years ago to be precise but i am posting it since its one of many odd things that have happened to me and i was quite young then, took me by complete surprise and now that i think of could have resulted in serious consequences if it hadn't happened like it did. So let me start....

It happened around the time when winter was just about to start and so the night would start pretty early and get completely dark at around 7 PM. I used to live in dorm and was getting back from work in bus. In the bus, just in front of where i was seated, there were two women and a guy on their left. This figure would clarify their positions

_ Guy_     _Women _
_ _ _ _     _ _ Me _ _
- represents seats. 

I had a pretty weird and odd feeling about the whole situation and the women like something was wrong, you know the kind of odd feeling you get about someone ?. I couldn't point my fingers at it but there definitely was something about them. They were dressed pretty exotic and in their 30s, good-looking, i thought Cougars ? but immediately dismissed my thought as people aren't usually what they look. The guy was pretty good-looking, but acted like a total creep. Long gelled hairs and ugly trousers and t-shirt, he badly needed some fashion advice. But the thing most wrong with him was he was staring at the women like a total creep and his intentions weren't good. The whole situation looked pretty grim.

But i thought about minding my own business. It was night and pretty late around 9 PM, completely dark, cold and quite on the road. And where i lived, it was pretty common robbers and generally low-life's set up traps like this, get you in a quite, dark place and then rob your underwears....of course along with whatever your wearing on top. In fact a lot of gangs were working on this and the ladies worked as bait to lure the poor victims. So yeah, despite my monumental figure, i thought being safe is the wise choice.

So i got-off the bus at my stop and started walking towards where my dorm was. The dorm was at 10 mins walk from bus-stop so i took my cellphone and started to switch and listen to some music. As i am doing this, i hear noise of two women talking behind my back. I look back and see those two women i saw in bus walking behind me. The creep was following them too. This is going to be a long-ass and interesting night....i thought to myself.

I am walking and analyzing the situation, the ladies were walking just behind me, really close to me. I could hear what they're talking...the prettier of the two was saying...

What a creep...Is he thinking of scoring with us ?, Doesn't he have young ladies to stalk...I am his moma's age for Heavens sake!

That actually made me laugh...but yes Ma'am, he's a CREEP. So by this point i start to size up the creep...he was actually quite tall than he appeared to be in bus by about 5/6 inches...i didn't needed a scale to figure he was taller than me about 4/5 inches. He was pretty thin though. A tall, thin, long haired creep!. Yes, i was thinking about doing a heroic act but then i did a reality doesn't matter if you bodybuild or have six-packs, height is a definite advantage and he had it!. While i am thinking all of this, the ladies are discussing and suddenly the prettiest of the two comes up to me and asks or rather begs me to act like i am with them and save them from the creep. She said it while giving a really cute puppy dog pout ...and an almost heart-melting look on her face.

BUT i said are you F-word crazy ?...look at the height of that off. And i started running...i don't know what happened afterwards but i did hear noises...

No i am just kidding, and the situation certainly wasn't funny. I agreed and stopped. The guy stopped too. I stood there while holding strong eye contact with him for a few secs then he turn around and started walking towards a street. I stood there until he disappeared and went back to the ladies. But they weren't satisfied...he is going to chase us again. Okies i said, let me walk with you to your home. Let me draw a map of the area

The creep went to St(reet).1 and i along with ladies to St.2. However, the ladies still weren't satisfied, standing in front of their home, they said the creep is still following them and would note their home address.

I was genuinely pissed off at that point, Seriously ladies i have come so long with you, busted that jerk, piggybacked you to your home and still you're worried that jerk is following you, come on i bet he has a life and must have something better to do than following cougars with whom he doesn't seem to have any chance at all!.

But i had agreed to help and so couldn't leave them until they're fully satisfied. So i went back towards where the alley was and lo and behold! the creep was standing there with back to the wall listening to his iPod!. Are you kidding me ?.This guy deserved to hold the CREEPiest guy of the Planet award.

I run up to him and tell him to fuck-off, why the fuck is he still there ?. He replies with "things aren't what they seem and that those ladies are not "okay", i shouldn't be with them". Wow i shouldn't be with them so he can stalk them ?. I tell him to fuck-off and leave. Tension in the air...i stare at that creep and after a while he starts walking towards a car, sits in it and disappears. Guess he must have called his friends to bring the car cause he did get here in the bus with me or maybe he lived there ?. I've no idea.

I get back to the ladies, talk a bit. They tell me this guy had been following them from the mall and got on the bus with them. I assure them everything's fine now and that they should probably report to police if they ever see him again. They thank me and invite me inside. I excuse myself. But they're seriously insisting on coming inside and i mean seriously!. The pretty lady hold my arms, making it her mission to touch me with her body and insists.

Not good and too fishy...i thought. Okay she's hot and really really soft but why is she insisting so much then i remember what the creep said "these ladies aren't okay" i decide i have to run now!. Besides i overheard them talking about their daughter in the bus. So i guessed they must be married. No, i don't want to put myself in this mess, for all i know her spouse could be a protective drunk sob and steal my awesome cellphone and shirt (<3) so DESPITE the warm invitation and her soft embrace, i excuse myself, tell them i am late and run towards my dorm. She tells me to be in touch with that heart-melting face again.....yes i will my lady i will be in 'touch'

Back at dorm, I tell this to my friends and they advise i should've gone inside! but it all felt weird and suspicious....while in front of their home, i saw a guy or rather a man on the balcony staring at us and then disappear inside as i saw him. I thought why didn't he come and help.

The next morning,  while walking past that street, i decide to take a peek and go towards her home. And notice a huge PadLock on the front door!. Yes they had left. A week later, i saw a new family move in there.

I don't know the exact answer to why they did that because i never saw them again. But thinking about it, it comes down to two cases....either my bad feelings about them in the bus were correct and it was some kind of trap to lure me and steal my underwears OR the poor ladies left the place because of that creep, after all i can't be with them all the time and the creep probably had figured their address.

I'd go with the latter and prove myself as the way a girl who gives the cutest puppy dog looks could do or think of doing anything so bad....but my friend tells me never trust hot women...he's just jealous obviously.

That touch she gave me still feels so warm.....

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