Monday, November 1, 2010

Sex: An amazing exercise....!

Its old news but for those who still don't know, Sex is an amazing exercise you can use to lose weight while having a good burst of adrenaline and fun. Don't believe me ?...check this article by Fitness Magazine.

So this is another reason why fat people are fat, they don't get sex as much as they should or NOT at all, who shags fat people anyway ?.

So next time, you plan to goto gym, head back and do the "shag-workout", its more fun and productive*. The good thing is you don't need any machines to do it except another person also interested in weight-loss so you can do it at home, at office, at library, university classroom(recommended) or anywhere you wish..!.

*Beating off doesn't count

PS: All fat people discard this advice and head to your nearest gym please. This isn't for you and fat people shagging fat people is gross plus you may not be able to afford the broken beds and furniture that comes as a byproduct of this exercise. That said, happy shagging.....:)

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