Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Perfect Way To Accept Marriage Proposal

Girls, What do you do when your boyfriend proposes you with an expensive engagement ring ?. No idea ? Worry not, Hillary Duff has the answer and shows exactly what you need to do. Here's what

When your NHL boyfriend Mike Comrie pops the question and gives you a 1 million dollar ring

You Cry...

You drink some alcohol while being all emo..

You immediately go out and text a picture of the ring to your friends to rub it in...
and then you suck a dick and you suck a dick fast and give your boyfriend the blowjob of his lifetime

Take notes ladies!. This is how it's done, this is how you accept the proposal, nobody could've done it better than Hillary Duff. What better way to start your relationship than pleasing your man and giving him a Million Dollar BlowJob!

Man...i am starting to love Hillary Duff,  there's no question whether she gave anal the wedding night. Perfect, just the perfect way to please your fiancĂ©e!.


  1. Girls today are too easy. Some give up the BJ if the guy takes them to the McDonald's drive-thru. Now, Hillary has class, waiting instead until he gives her the bling before she applies the oral awesomeness! And he truly deserved that BJ in exchange for a million dollar ring...hope she swallowed. (Yeah, I went there.)

  2. Opto-Mom: Hey there, i am not into astrology but i just noticed you have the same sign as me which is cool. I don't see much Virgoens around.

    And <3 Hillary

  3. That just makes us special. Or maybe there aren't that many Virgoens that can read....


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