Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Girl who...well i am sure was an athletic runner!

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear — not absence of fear. -Mark Twain

So how do you be courageous and beat the fear of approach ? by approaching and approaching in the most goofyish way. This little story of mine goes back to the time when i was just starting out on the journey of being fearless, extremely confident and approaching strangers without pouring down sea of sweat and nervousness.

I was with my friend getting back to our villa(dorm) and i was mocking him how he has got so many guy friends but very few females, he must be gay. He said its different with girls, you can strike up a conversation with any guy and be friends in 5 mins but with girls, its a different story. So not true, its just your fear of rejection/approach....i told him, girls are way more receptive, i can strike up a convo with any girl you see on the street here. So this got us to betting if i approach a girl right then, he would owe me a pack of cigarettes of X brand(that brand was my fav when i used to smoke, if anybody want to know its name, shoot me a comment). Whats more enticing than a pack full of smoke ? Seriously... there's just no alternative so i agreed, lets do this shit.

Just as we agreed on the bet, i saw a (let me remember, checking files in my memory....k found) hot brunette with a body i imagine my girls to have, not too skinny(or anorexic), not too chubby, just the perfect balance and the white milky skin, ehmm perfect!. But hold on a she running ? almost running...she was walking but at a really fast pace and i mean like at REALLY fast pace.... check the map out

As we were turning towards st(reet).2, she was at the intersection and then at blink of eye, way far ahead than intersection. Damn, she had the fastest walking speed i've ever seen a girl have. So i decide on approaching her, my buddy as obvious thinks its a bad idea, i also think its a bad idea in my mind at least but still, the offer of pack of cigarettes and that milky white skin is too enticing to pass.

So i run, YES i run after her but shes way too fast, shes not even running, just walking wtf. Imagine that, i am running after her in the middle of street full of people staring at me, it definitely made me look like a stalker or something, only if i had a knife in hand, that would've made things a lot more interesting. I could hear my buddy laugh, at my inability to catch her despite running and probably at how funny the situation wasn't for me, don't laugh you bustard. As i finally get near her, i shout

Me: "hey listen..."

she turns her head and looks at me....i am out of breath by now (sidenote: smoking really kills lungs cells and makes the stamina non-existent, i used to bodybuild but it can't help when you chain-smoke and run 1km after a girl)... She looks at me with those curious eyes, damn she had beautiful eyes with stars in it...
So i tell her: lets sex sweetie, she gets to the job immediately and we start loving eachother in the middle of street with 500 people and a dog watching us rip eachother clothes and.......the rest is history
Only if it was that easy in real life. I catch my breath quickly and tell her

Me: "hey you walk too fast...." (this was my opener ughh..)
Her: laughs...
Me: "i was just wondering where is X place"..i ask for directions (i didn't really needed to know but it works as icebreaker)

   .... meanwhile my friend just behind my back is whispering into me ears she's not really receptive and just rushing things...she hears this because well he was NOT really the situation kinda gets creepy cause she hears what my bud 'whispered' into my ear...i speak....

Me: "this is not true what my friend says right ?" (i actually ask her that hahaa...lame)
Her: "nope" .. and then goes on explaining the directions (hahaa)

at this point, i could feel from her eyes she is assuring me that she is receptive and really wants to talk, i can't explain it really, it was body language or more precisely eye language...she wanted me to invest and talk more....but my friend is again annoys me so i think of ejecting before shit hits the fan again...

Me: "alright walk really fast though"
Her: laughs again and turns her head and resume her lightening speed.
Me: "oh and my friend is gay"....i shout at her back
She hears it and put her hands up giving a thumbs up hahaa.

Then i start kicking and punching my friend for being an asshole and get my pack of cigarettes at the next shop...i win!. I lose the girl though, she was really cool and had a sense of humor and a milky white skin...i love girls like that. And especially when you ask her stupid questions like that (are you receptive ?) and she still be cool about it, then im all hers.

I went on and approached some hot nurses later on, i may blog about it later but this approach was special. It completely crushed my fear because i was acting goofy (running like an ass in a street, asking her stupid questions). My friend still didn't change his mind and had fear of approaching, i am now sure he is gay.

PS: I figure the reason why she was running. 2 mins from where i approacher her, there is a medical complex, she entered there. I felt kind of bad then, maybe someone close to her was ill cause she was in serious rush. I made her day though...

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