Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Being do you pass your time ?

So how do you pass your time when you're alone ?. The best way obviously (or for me) is to go out, call friends and chill or hang out with my girlfriend and do stupid things or meet new people (especially girls) or anything that involves socializing or just going out. BUT what if you're sick and forced to sit or lay on bed all day ? and your friends are out enjoying at a pub  and your girlfriend is crying for you along with her friends at another pub so they can't come.

Well then you have to do one of these things.

Get a few movies of different genres and watch them one by one. The genres should include
  • Horror/Supernatural thrillers and Zombie movies: Such as Zombieland , Resident Evil: Afterlife , Nightmare on Elm Street , Devil , Afterlife.
  • Romantic/Comedy movies: To ease the tension, such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall , Get Him to the Greek , The 40-Year-Old Virgin , He's Just Not That into You (chick-flick so uhmm...).
  • Others: Bitch Slap , Fast & Furious series! , The Social Network , Hardwired , xXx (No, not what you think, its a movie of Vin Diesel) , Taken.
 and watch them alternating between each genre so you don't get bored. That should be enough to pass enough time to get recovered.

Or if NOT, then this will do. Grab your favorite music and start reading blogs and browsing forums. For me it has to be anything by Lady Gaga , Linkin Park or rock music.

Blogs can be pretty interesting, i'd recommend those of my followers ;) and dating blogs, they're fun. Tucker Max is another fun place. Stay away from moma blogs which most of the internet is filled with unless you want to have kids and want to parent, they definitely aren't for you. These blogs will seriously make you sick of the idea of having a blog (with the exception of few ofcourse!).....i warned you!.

You can also do the NERDy fun things and code a sick program and be a billionaire like Mark Zuckerberg by coding such cool thing as Facebook but i doubt that, you probably lack the IQ to do that (no offense) so i wouldn't recommend it.

Or if you don't have the luxury of a computer or a laptop! then grab hold of your cellphone or PDA and start doing the above things, movies, music or playing games. This is why you should keep fun stuff on your PDA all times for emergency cases. You can also take revenge on your friends for not coming and bombard their phones with messages, calling them. Or you can take naked pictures of yourself and facebook them to gain international fame (doesn't work if your a guy), of course i wouldn't recommend this!. Another fun thing is prank calls, they're pretty FUN!.

OR lets suppose, you don't have a cellphone or any kind of mobile device either (oh boy!) then well i am kinda out of options, give me a few mins.

Okay back, you can then do the following and its the best thing. If you are religious then nothing beats the calmness and peaceful feelings you get by praying, it is actually a better option than all of the above and it has the added benefit of speeding up your healing process. I'd recommend it even if you have the above options available, nothing beats it!.

You can also do what fatties love to do, EAT!.  Yes you fat bustard, you hear me right, eat like there's no day tommorow, it only helps with speeding up healing process as your body needs extra calories and nutrients to fight off germs and repair. Warning: Stay away from fatty foods, that doesn't help!.

This is also actually a good time to get a pen and paper and write what you want to do with your life, write resolutions and commitments to change your lifestyle to a better one.

So its actually not that hard to pass time when you are alone with just you, after all the best person in the world is our own self of course and a little alone time is not bad.

This entry is brought to you thanks to my disease that leaves me alone in room and not able to go out and i wondered how best could i pass my time with lack of all things social and i came with the above ideas. If you have other ideas, share please, i would love to listen!.

PS: Some other not so recommended things that you can do:  Smoke cigarettes, hookah or drugs, kill cockroaches and bugs, play with bugs, walked naked in the house, call a stripper , make a video-tape and suicide.

PS2: ^I am kidding of course 


  1. You can always do some crack cocaine and stare at one particular object for a very long time and have fun.

  2. Yeah that can work. But i think you forgot "the sick" part, unless you want to fuck yourself up even more, crack and sickness don't go well together.

    PS: who are you though mate, i hate anonymous comments.

  3. I know this might sound weird, but my name really is "Anonymous".

  4. Aight, "Anonymous" i believe you. But are you completely sure you aren't stoned right now and have forgotten your name ? it could be quite hard for you to tell i guess...

    where you from anyway ? and don't tell me "i know this sounds weird but i am really from a place called "unknown".

    PS: stoned or not, i love you man for hanging out on my blog <3

  5. If I told you where I'm from, then I'll need to kill you. Nothing personal, but don't ask me that question again.

    I know everything about you tho, the only thing I'll tell you about me is that I'm a girl you once knew ;)

  6. I know who you are, you little bitch!! ;-).

    Its also fine if you use your name. FBI doesn't visit this blog!.


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