Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Firsts - Things i'll never forget for the rest of my life!

So i just watched this movie "Mini's Firsts" i wouldn't recommend it because its not really awesomeness but rather okay. However, if you are Nikki Reed fan, you must watch this, she looks hot, total bombshell in this movie, you just can't miss it out. I also, just realized she is almost the same age as me, having born in the same year i am which is pretty cool, which makes this post even more special.

So as i was saying, this movie may not be that good but the idea was awesomeness!. Basically in the movie, Mini(Nikki) has this list of things she has done for the first time in her life and calls them "Firsts". She continuously expands the list by doing new kind of adventurous and daring things for the first time, such as becoming an escort and other crazy things. Way to enjoy life!.

So being a fan of Nikki, and in dedication to this movie, i am compiling my own list of Firsts and making a resolution to expand this list with most daring, bizarre and generally awesome things. Actually, i just made my first resolution, my First New Year Resolution!, as strange as that may sound, i never made any new year resolution because well i knew i wouldn't make them happen but my first resolution, its going to happen. So my list...

Steyny's Firsts

First Approach:  I approached a perfect hottie back in Nov 09, a certified 10 and apart from a little sweating and running away after striking a conversation, i did good. That makes me awesome from billion losers who still can't approach the girl they eye for their whole life, have her photos walled next to the toilet seat and creeping her out by drolling and eyeing her like i do a pizza that i am just about to eat or from guys that do approach but with most creepiest openers. She liked me and she probably would've been my first girlfriend if i hadn't had a nervous breakdown.

First Girlfriend: Okay i have to admit, not trophy worthy this First, but if i had known i'd start a list of Firsts, she wouldn't have been my girlfriend, not my First at least. Not much to say here, she was young and cool but not cool enough to deserve a first sadly.

First Time Smoking: I remember, when i had my first cigarette, i said "WHAT ? is this why people smoke, this is bullshit and they said smoking is addicting". I felt nothing so i smoked another, nothing, and another till i blew the whole pack and it was then that i started to get my first high. That was awesomeness!. It didn't last long though, barely just for an hour because i went to sleep!. That was it actually, i never got high again no matter how much packs i blew and i realized cigarettes don't addict me or get me high, then i started crack cocaine and stuff like that. No, Of course i am kidding about crack, No matter how enticing that offer is and no matter how much my friends try to convince me, drugs won't make my Firsts. I quit smoking with rather ease, i got good genes, so it didn't addict me. So all girls who want to date me and are disgusted with cigs, don't worry that is history. I haven't smoked for almost a year now!. Although i'd start again if theres a hottie that does it, just to company her...really.

The list is pretty long but thats all that i could think of right now and interesting of em. Now, here's a list of Firsts i would like to make...

  • Getting slapped by a girl after i tell her to stick her tongue out and then kissing it!. Awesomeness.
  • Skydiving or Bungee jumping or any of adrenaline rushing activity of similar intensity
  • Anal Sex  <-Select the text if you want to read but i warn you, some of you may not be quite fond of it and may be disgusted!. Its in guys genes and every guy dreams of it so don't just blame me, i want to do it after taking all necessary steps.
  • Dating my first fatty, just for the fun of it.
This idea of First is awesome for the fact it inspires to start living the life in a more fun way and making the most of it, after all we get it only once, and it especially would motivate some of the timid ones to be adventurous. Not to mention the nostalgic aspect that comes with it when you make historically awesome Firsts.

So what are your Firsts ?...

PS: This movie makes my favorite of all time even though i don't think high of it and Nikki Reed gets my love for starring in it and damn shes so hot!

PS2: I would work to make her my first celebrity bang!. Wish me luck for it are a tough task. 

PS3: Yes i am alive, sorry for the long break and not blogging. Had a lot of stuff happening lately so couldn't get the time.


  1. It's so sad that you never did crack cocaine, you should listen to your friends! What kind of friend are you if you don't trust your friends :(

  2. crack is for losers!. But who are you to advise me anyway ? you don't have the guts to show yourself and are hiding behind....wait not even a nickname!. That adds another loser point for you...

    Don't worry though, i do small time consultancy on topics such as confidence and being fearless, i am willing to do it totally free for you!. Because you badly need em!.

    PS: i know its a long shot considering your "shyness" but fire me your msn, i'd love to talk to you!


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