Saturday, January 1, 2011

2 thousand and eleven or 2011....Yes the year you will get dumped...!

Okay, so apparently everyone and their mother has been blogging about the new year and merrymaking and wishing happy joy for the coming year. Its cool alright, but come on, didn't we do it the year that passed ?, it gets boring and lets be honest how many times the resolutions we make actually make it to reality.

I hate being boring and being consistent and predictive, it is for this reason, this post isn't your usual happy new year post, okay it is but it is a lot more than that. In that, i'll give you the rundown of what i did on the night everyone was waiting anxiously for the 0 to turn to 1 (how nerdy!) and what happened to me the whole year, because OMG it was some awesome shit and i bet my year has been a lot interesting than most of you...

To start, I received comments from a girl that said (her words exactly!)
You are narcissistic to the point that if you could, you would turn yourself into a girl and marry yourself!...
You mean a Hermaphrodite ? I am not too sure i'd want to become that but yes, i'd definitely marry myself because i honestly don't mind alone time and love hanging out with myself and am happy as a cow (or is it happy as donkey or a duck ? ) Still, i let girls enjoy my awesome company, because i am ironically also self-less like that and not selfish at all!. In fact i am so self-less, on any given night or day, i am surrounded by them and i let them have a piece of me, i lost 15 pounds already!. Blog entry coming soon about that.

^That comment was received just hours ago so that makes my first compliment received for the year 2011!.

Continuing on, I made my first new year resolution about doing Firsts!. I got my first blog follower, greets to that awesome lady for being my first follower!. I completed that resolution i made within hours of making it. That just adds awesome points.

I got myself involved in my first car accident in 2010 and of course i survived although i lost 584 brain cells. Yes i know that much because i have 1000 cells total and if i had lost anything more than that, i would have been blogging.....wait i am blogging....shit lets not make it anymore confusing. The accident wasn't pleasant, not at a all and a pretty bad experience so thats a little sad moment there :(.

I made a friend in the most weird of ways, by trying to be awkward around a complete stranger (just for fun), turns out the more i tried to be awkward the more we started to get along well. Now he is my new friend and loves my taste in women (seriously, i have no idea if i should be happy about it).

I won a programming contest and hit on a programmer girl in the event. She was total cutie but unfortunately no phone exchanges as it was a programming contest and we had a bitchy organizer there who didn't look pleased with our little small talk. I guess that makes my list of Firsts as well. A programmer girl i First hit on. Oh she made some sort of facial recognition program so that was totally cool!. Yes, i'd be in touch with her once i get a chance to go there again.

So this past year, i approached a girl that i think was my first 10, i almost got my ass busted....because of a girl, i got my ass kicked by a girl's boyfriend, i ran like a crazy after a girl who was an athlete, i saved two damsels in distress...wait that was 2 years back, i hit on hot Nurses (wtf you ask ?), i got surrounded by a group of 5 girls all wanting a piece of me, i smoked cigs, i didn't do cocaine - never will, i took a ride in a Mercedes-Benz!, i posted on other blogs, i got in a fight with a commentator on another blog, i started my own blog then i ate, i slept, i farted and blogged about it .....

So you see i did a lot of things this year because people do a lot of things and i am people...right ?. I plan to do a lot of things next year, one of which includes coming out of this screen and
punching you in the face

because i love you!. Did you know turtles can fart ?

So Happy New Year everyone, i hope in this new year, each one of you get single so i can date as many of your exes as i can, because...well i don't know why i would want to date your ex. You see i don't know about a lot of things so

Happy New Year bitches!  :-D

PS: How was your year ?

PS2: The title is completely random so don't worry, i am NOT predicting anything, although it may be true! 


  1. Mine has been okay i guess... I got dumped but i'll live.

    Happy new year!

    1. How are you now, after 3 years?
      Robinson Crusoe

  2. and, that "compliment" was given by me!
    MARIA !


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