Sunday, January 16, 2011

It is like i am having a period or something......and i am a GUY!!!....This is NOT normal

No offense to the ladies of course. I couldn't find another analogy so this has to do, sorry if it seems out of place,  the feelings i have been going through lately, seem equivalent to feelings that girls experience during that time of month, well just the sadness, depression and mood swings, of course i am not leaking anything. Before i proceed any further, let me say what i am going to write next is pretty embarrassing to admit for me cause its very girly and i feel my manhood violated writing this which is why i may delete it later.

So in my previous entry i mentioned quitting my own team, well the recent update is that i took over it again and my best bud left instead, breaking all forms of contact and just being a bitch towards me. Its over between us, which is what is saddening me at the moment.

I mean GOD DAMN IT, we were friends for a DECADE  and not just friends, best fucking buds, we laughed at same jokes, we would share the stories of  how we met a girl at some location or how to approach certain girl that i/him is interested in, how i witnessed a 59 year old hooker's spicy argument with her customer, or that he knows his classmate girl's underwear pattern (it was full of hearts).....and so many other millions things...

So it fuckin hurts man, and even though i am a guy, its RIGHT to feel sad for breaking up with a best bud right ?. I don't know how long my sadness will continue, for the record i have NOT cried, what the fuck why would you even think like that, i am NOT a girl. Just being depressed as a guy is fine though and im depressed because my bud ended our friendship.

I just watched a video i made for him ages back and it reminded me of him and i am feeling sad now. And i feel pissed as well, so i do things to piss him off, but then i feel sad and the cycle continues, which is why i said i feel like a girl. All my life, i associated these sort of cycle of emotions (rightfully) with girls, they be crazy...and i know how to make them act sane but i can't control myself even though i know how.

I know i am going to repeat over the same thing again and again which is honestly what the above paragraphs are, "i feel sad" x 100 times, but I AM FEELING SAD, so i don't care what this post may look like ultimately.

I miss you bitch, if you're reading this, then here you got a confession from me.



I am out and promise will try to NOT post such emotional posts anymore!. BUT i am going through tough times now so.............i am SADDDDDDDDDD

PS: If you find any mistakes or generally find this post weird, its cause i didn't even decide to look back and edit it 10000 times like i usually do with my every post. I just burst my emotions and yeah thats how i do it, scolding myself and then be sad and then scolding andn  ddsahdjsdkajdsldsdhdjlsdasdsad

PS2: My next entry is going to be "Girls have it easy..." i feel like advertising! 

PS3: If you want to make me feel better, you can do so by commenting, visiting my site, or if your a girl, just msn stalking me, no dates i am a mess now!.

PS4: yes i will continue making a lot of PSsssss 

PS5: OMG check this out, Dakota Fanning Period BLOOD!  The post finally ends on something interesting for ya!!
I am half-curious what is that ?? and if its just a publicity-stunt ?
well she grabbed my attention so w00tt 

PS45443: I am still SADDD :(


  1. It's okay to be sad sometimes. It doesn't make you girly.

    Now, if you were drinking mimosas and then drunk dialing the dude, I would tell you to shut the fuck up and go change your tampon.

    Hope that comment made you smile!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Sheila, you're awesome!.

    I can't believe its been 6+ months since i put this blog up. The mooog hand on right side remind me of old days..

  3. I think uve had sex change, darling

  4. Yes i did!....just to get a secret admirer(stalker ?) like you.

  5. Its alright don't sweat bout it !!


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