Sunday, May 29, 2011

Perfect GiRLFRiEND - I wish my girlfriend was like this

Is there such thing as a “Perfect Girlfriend” probably not but there are 10 traits we would love to see our women come equipped with. The chances of your girl to be 10 of 10 is pretty much a fantasy but I assume there are 1 or 2 out there amongst the 4 billion women roaming planet Earth.

1. Loves Sports

Even if she is one of those awful girls who act like a super fan as soon as a team gets good. I will take that in order to be able to talk sports and go to games with her, there’s nothing more guys love than sports and babes.

2. Has A Pretty Face

Yes a pretty face, not a club girl face with caked on make up and duck lips, that kind of face crashes and burns after 25 years old. Pretty faces last forever.

3. Has An Awesome Body

We don’t need you to have a 6 pack and 1% body fat, but as long as you are fit and care somewhat about your bod we are happy.

4. Loves To Cook

Even if the only thing she can cook is grilled cheeses that’s cool. Men love grilled cheeses so we would be happy with a fresh grilled chee every night, as long as you cook them naked from time to time as well.

5. Loves Video Games

Video games rule, sorry women but we are going to play them until we are 90 arguing with 8 year old nerds and calling them newbs. So if you can get a girl that will play an xbox game online with you from time to time you know you got a keeper.

6. Loves To Drink

We don’t want a Frank the Tank type drinker, but we want a girl who is excited to go out on the weekends and get a little typsy with us. A girl who thinks she is too mature to go out and get drunk with her boyfriend and friends is just plain lame.

7. Loves To Party

This goes hand and hand with drinking but more so towards just wanting to go out and have fun. Go to concerts, trips, whatever is fun and let’s us party through out the night with our chick.

8. Loves To Share

This is pretty much just a one in a million fantasy that every man has, yea it probably won’t happen but it would be cool if you bring home a girl for some triple play action.

9. Respects Time Out With Guy Friends

Sometimes girls just don’t understand why we want to go out with the guys. It is nothing against the girl, guys just need to be able to have a night every now and then to talk like animals, drink like wolves, and make fun of eachother, that’s what we do.

10. Loves Me For Me

I’m no Fabio, I pretty much look like the guy above. Guys aren’t the most pleasant thing to look at, so women don’t try to change your man, he is what he is. Changing him to fit your perfect vision is only going to last for a short while until it blows up in your face.

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  1. Ha! I could check all of these off so long as beach cricket is counted as a sport. :D Too bad my bf isn't as fun as I would like him to be, I like to party he doesn't :( We're out there just gotta find us ! <3

  2. To AnonymousFeb 11, 2012:
    Where?? Could you give even a hint where to find a woman like you?


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