Saturday, October 8, 2011

Got my first Paycheck! SWEET

The whole time i have been out of blogging, i was working on a lot of things, nothing dating related and interesting as far as the adventurous and funny stuff i try to do to make my life and this blog more interesting. I am not ashamed to say the only dating related thing i have done for the past year is just talking online through MSN/Emails with like 2/3 girls because i have been really busy, not my absolute best and also cause girls need time and are crazy for emotional drama, none of which i could afford.

And something really really awesome has happened. I earned my first pay check and have the money in my hands right now. And i have to tell you, it feels really really amazing, its like feeling being a man. Losing your virginity is something but when you can proudly say i can support myself, that is way better. Although it is just $110 but what is impressive is it is through my Entrepreneurship and not working for someone. That is how i want to spend my life, being independent and my own man whenever i want to work or not, that is my choice to make, not an assholish boss!. Collectively, i have probably earned like $400+ still being a student. The passion this man right now has is untouchable fellas!.

It is not like i haven't earned anything before, my first real payment i received for a work i did was when i was 20 but it was online, this is the first time i can physically touch the currency bills. This adds to my list of Firsts , the list i made impressed from the sexy Nikki Reed's movie and i have been slowly adding awesome things to it.

In other news, a girl has been stalking me to death, the only reason i talk to her is probably because i have known her for ages and i know exactly what is her problem. I try to help her as much as i can but she has the art of twisting words which makes her a "bitch" really. All the girls i have been with are awesome, sexy and more sexy with their normal emotional drama you expect from a girl. But this one is crazy and i guess she makes my list of firsts for i am bearing the drama for so long, funnily enough there is no reason for her drama than her imaginary friends giving her crazy thoughts about the real people. Having imaginary friends when you're 2 is fine but when you discover your first boner, your imaginary friends should find their own imaginary friends.  I am probably going to make a change of address, nicknames and be more anonymous.

You'd think being a guy, i have it easy or i like being stalked but let me tell you, it is just as annoying as a girl being stalked, even more because i am not worried about make-up or my body image or if my ass looks fat  or my left boob is bigger than right but i have to deal with real issues.

That is it for now, i'll try to get back to the dating game but with so much going on, it seems impossible. I have been really passionate about my life goals and working each day now to achieve them. One of them includes flying over to the United States Of Great America or Britain since i live the life of those cultures already and then travel the cool countries of the world. I am too shallow a person to even bother to look the 3rd world countries on the map, but honestly who will be interested in corrupt government, ugly and deadly diseases and more stalker girls even though they maybe sexy but there's only so much an awesome guy can handle.

PS: Did anyone watch the Miss Universe 2011 ? My friend told me about it and i have to tell you, i was like what the fuck was that ?. I thought it was a competition for the most sexy and a full package of a girl getting the crown of glory, the crown that tells the world that this is the girl whole world is crazy about and will give their life just to see a look of starry eyes in her for him, the girl that'll make lesbians proud for being lesbians but the current Miss Universe, mind you Universe! is more like Miss No-one wants to Bang and why don't you cook me the sand-witch already instead of being ugly all the time. Sorry but uglies really have no feelings.

I actually feel she got the award because she could speak some Portuguese and the contest was held in Brazil. They should have crowned Miss Brazil then  , my turtle can speak Portuguese and Zambola but he doesn't get to be crowned the sexy turtle even though he may have MORE turtle girls stalking him, more sexiness points than Miss-Good-For-Kitchen will ever have even if she plastic surgery the fuck out of her face, boobs and sticks a plastic fake ass, ugly stays ugly. Don't believe me ? my turtle...
  Look at that sexy tail and 3 legs!, Pure pawnge, you make me soo proud!.

Now this is Miss Sexy Angola!
If that makes me shallow, then my DICK is the epitome of NOT SHALLOW i don't need to tell you why, he likes to live in ugly, dark, greasy places just like Miss SEZZY is above!.

Reason number 2 i think she got the universe award is for political correctness and judges trying to be NOT racist. But this is the height of racism, just calling blacks a nigger doesn't a racist make but the opposite of that and stripping white sexy girls of their rightful award, just for making the black president and your ugly black wife -who you cheat on with white goats - a racist make too!.
 Oops...My white goat is offended too, actually Miss Angola would make a better Miss Sexy Goat than my white goat. No offense whitie

This is also another example of the bullshit that is feminism. And if they wanted to choose a black girl, there are way more sexy black girls that at least more than only Angola seezy people would agree on.

You can bet your white ass if there was a Mr.Sexy Planet award, Barracks Obama would win it by miles, not because he is black but because he has the ridiculously long dick that makes mule proud. Okay that makes no sense but i digress.

That is all i have to say, i think Miss Smelly Pantz made some sort of contract with big TV and anti-depressants shizzler companies to help crown her seezy ass since the broken TVs and suicidal white goats purchasing anti-depressants and "make-black-seezy-goat" creams would make these companies pay big to crown her the seezy title. The world is full of conspiracy peeps.....i just shat my pantz!

PS2: These are the personal opinions of my turtle, i don't claim any responsibility for broken seezy hearts and black sheeps riots for them not being crowned instead, but really no-one except them is to blame for they let their own kind compete for the title. Unlike human world, turtles have freedom of speech and don't have to be called racists for openly praising white goats and criticizing black seezy sheep...woops i mean Leila Lopes.


  1. these stalker girls! they are sociopaths and the most frustrated creatures...dude you should have given her a tight slap on her face in front of a crowd ! ;) i swear you'd have felt much better...afterall, actions speak louder than words!.
    "Robinson Crusoe"

  2. seem pretty pissed off Mr.Robinson Crusoe...seems like you have had a pretty bad stalker lmao

  3. You are fucking jaleous of black beauty and a fuckin racist! you're a piece of shit that cant stand to see any black person accomplish something!
    Typical white craker!!!

    P.S: Third world rules! dumb retard!!!


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