Sunday, November 13, 2011

This is crazy or what are you people looking for here ?

I have been noticing a lot of traffic for this blog and while its pretty pleasing to see so many people coming here and reading what i write...i wonder how come this blog is doing way better than my site lol. Long-time readers of the blog would know i own and run a game hacking/ game trainers site called "dEViATED Game Trainers" and i put more effort advertising-wise and time-wise there than this blog, still its not doing much.

Well, what the hell, i don't mind. It would be really nice though if you people drop some comments as well instead of being anonymous visitors. That should motivate me to write more.

No images for this post as i am very low on time, currently working on a Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim trainer and L.A Noire and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 trainer for dEViATED (pheww!!) but i'd drop by some youtube videos that are my favorites and anyone that i shared with have laughed their asses off.

Show me your genitalia women!. A song for the chicks, you should watch it to know what we guys really want from you.

OGFurious's Rebecca Black - Friday Analysis.

Everybody has done their own parody of Rebecca black's friday song but OGFurious is just fucking hilarious, nobody can beat him. Its not a parody or a mock, he actually analyzes the song word by word and tells us what rebecca really wants to say with her song.

I am a fan of that guy and he's a chick pickup artist just like me....we're the good guys ^_^.

On a sidenote, i think i maybe getting back my social life since my university starts in a few and i won't have much time for training games anymore.

Besides, the day i did my first approach ever of a girl is coming quick and i hope to do another approach on the same day or at least somewhere near that. Wish me some guts hehe since the approach anxiety is skyhigh this time. Any girls, please drop a love comment and it sure is to reduce my anxiety, you know you want to because you love me right ? xD

NO PS this time :(

PS: Actually there is a PS. I just noticed 2 spam comments were caught, what the obama balls?!! I don't think you'll earn a single visitor off this blog since the visitor count is like loww...really low!.

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