Thursday, May 1, 2014

Where have i disappeared or what am i doing ?

I would be lying if i said i was doing something cool with my life right now, well cool in the sense of social life. Unfortunately, apart from some experimentation i did for my last post on cheating like a pro i have not gotten my member wet for a while now and there is a solid reason for that.

Remember when i said in my first post ever that i am a nerd cum chick magneta, well the nerdy part of me has taken over my soul and made it dark. I am playing Mad Max (a computer game), it has just been released and damn is it amazing!.

Like everything else in my life, i cheat to win and games are no exception. I cheat to finish a game or if i am playing online to sometime gain advantage over other players or be the first because that is just me. I like to be the first whether its in real life or virtual, you can't beat the feeling of being the first in the list of players after a match is finished or that sweet killstreak. There is a reason i am making this post and that is to give my thanks to the makers of this particular trainer i am using, the great thing about it is it works online and you can be totally invincible or kill players. Here is the link - Gamergate i just shared my secret with you guys.

So until my addiction with this game is over, i can't post the second part of my smart cheating guide. I could write the second part based on my experience but i want to experiment a few things first before i release the final part.

Well see you in the next post whenever that may come. I will suggest checking out that link i mentioned in my post because they deserve it!.


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